On 1 March 2013 Carmel College a Catholic Academy converted to become a Multi Academy Trust under the name of Carmel Education Trust (the Company).

The following is a list of the current Directors for the Company:-

Members of Carmel Education Trust:
Bishop Robert Byrne
Mrs D Fox
Mr J Ledger

The Chief Executive Officer appointed under Article 50B:
Maura Regan

Directors appointed under Article 50A:
Yvonne Coates
Alison Powell

Foundation Directors appointed under Article 50:
Cyndi Hughes – Chair of Directors
Chris Wiper
Rev Fr John Butters
Malcolm Frank
Immanuel Sebastine

Clerk To The Board Of Directors
Julian Kenshole

All correspondence to be addressed to:
Mrs C Hughes, Chair of Directors, Carmel Education Trust, The Headlands, Darlington, Co. Durham, DL3 8RW

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