Vision and Values

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On 1 March 2013 Carmel College a Catholic Academy converted to become a Multi Academy Trust under the name of Carmel Education Trust (the Company) and on 1 April 2013 St Gregory’s RC Primary School in Stockton, St Augustine’s RC Primary School in Darlington and Holy Family RC Primary School in Darlington joined the Company. In addition St Michael’s Catholic Academy Billingham joined the trust in September 2013 and St Bede’s Stockton joined in December 2013.

Our Vision & Values

The Trust has adopted the following vision and values to guide us in our mission and to underpin all that we do:

Our Vision
Our schools will be places of excellence – providing service and witness to children, their families and the wider Catholic community, adding value as a family of schools and enriching the learning and experience of all our young people so they may achieve their full potential.

Our Values

The following values underpin everything the Trust and our Schools will do:

BEING Just and Responsible

We seek to act justly, fairly and responsibly in all our relationships to ensure ‘The Common Good’ is upheld.

PROMOTING Spiritual and Human Development

We believe a knowledge of and a personal relationship with Christ gives meaning and purpose to our lives.

ACHIEVING Quality in Teaching and Learning

We believe everyone should gain dignity and self-worth through quality teaching and learning which allow all in our school community to excel.

SHOWING Respect for Every Person

We believe that all are created in the image of God and therefore we will respect the unique and intrinsic value of every person, promoting equality and celebrating diversity.

CREATING Community

We believe our schools to be faith communities where Gospel values of truth, honesty, forgiveness and reconciliation are lived and where there is special care for those most in need.


We value the views and opinions of the communities whom we serve and will actively engage and respond.