On 1 March 2013 Carmel College a Catholic Academy converted to become a Multi Academy Trust under the name of Carmel Education Trust (the Company).

The following is a list of the current Directors for the Company:-

Members of Carmel Education Trust:
Bishop Robert Byrne
Mrs D Fox
Mr J Ledger

The Chief Executive Officer appointed under Article 50B:
Maura Regan

Directors appointed under Article 50C:
Yvonne Coates
Alison Powell

Foundation Directors appointed under Article 50:
Cyndi Hughes – Chair of Directors
Chris Wiper
Rev Fr John Butters
Malcolm Frank
Immanuel Sebastine
Maria Matthews
Allan Mitchell
Josie Wilson
Emily Bradshaw

Clerk To The Board Of Directors
Julian Kenshole

All correspondence to be addressed to:
Mrs C Hughes, Chair of Directors, Carmel Education Trust, The Headlands, Darlington, Co. Durham, DL3 8RW

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